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About Us


EMATJ is an online shop that captures the concept of shopping pleasure. It is an interesting shopping world. Its idea is to enjoy the combination of melodies and music that we offer you through our e-store platform. We provide the latest fashion from all over the world, and we provide you with international brands of all products, not just fashion. EMATJ is an integrated world that always strives to provide more and more to meet your needs and desires. In order to be the first platform that is the destination of local and international shoppers. EMATJ is fun and shopping at once.

   Our mission

EMATJ prides itself on being the "embodiment of shopping pleasure for all" so that all   segments of society can shop through our online store with high-quality products competitive prices that allow everyone to experience this fun

Our Objectives

1. Opening new markets in the light of the rapid development and spread of electronic commerce in Saudi Arabia, especially after the adoption of the electronic trading system
2. Dependence on GDP and building strong partnerships to strengthen the local economy to raise revenues and build a strong economy in line with Vision 2030
3. Opening new channels and markets for commercial entities to reach a larger customer segment
4- to be ematj platform supportive of Saudi competencies and talents in the field of design and fashion
5. Through ematj we strive to excel in price and quality to build confidence with our customers


We aim at EMATJ to be the center of the gathering of sellers and shoppers to meet all the desires in a world of pleasure and innovation, with the support of all creative designers and handicrafts in Saudi Arabia, which is the place of origin of the EMATJ site, Saudi manpower and craftsmen, All over the world to be the platform that allows them to display their creations and enable them to sell their products across our world to be the first supporter of the owners of creativity and excellence

                       Our products

We offer our customers various products in different sections. Beauty shop contains all the beauty products of perfumes, cosmetics and care and its equipment that we offer you from the best international and local brands of high quality and competitive price. The fashion store contains the latest fashion of clothing, shoes, and accessories for all categories of the society of women, men and children. Our store offers all kinds of men's and women's watches and sports smart cards from different stores and brands 

                      Bride Shop

In order to ensure excellence and provide exclusive and distinctive products, we have established a special store for the bride and an integrated world for all the needs of the bride in Wim wedding, shoes, jewelry, and wedding dresses provided by the elite designers and designers


                       Why you Shop From EMATJ

We provide you with high-quality goods

Competitive prices suitable for all

 We provide you with the pleasure of shopping and we serve you wherever you are

 We allow you to sell your products and display them in the world of EMATJ


         Customer Services

We are proud and strive to be our customers, sellers and shoppers are our success partners and we always look forward to joining our distinguished system by registering as sellers through our website, or a shopper to share your opinions and suggestions. You can also contact us via our social media channels or by email: [email protected]