The scent of perfume is what represents the personality of men and women and distinguishes each of them according to different smells and tastes.

Perfumes are classified into several classifications, including what are called:

* Oil perfumes, which are more concentrated and purer, and are packed in the form of small toals, such as oud, musk, and others.

* Aquatic perfumes, are those that take a solid form and add an amount of alcohol in certain proportions to increase the concentration.

* Incense, is a type of smoky perfume that is extracted from aromatic branches that burn out to give off an aroma.

Perfumes derive their splendor from several aromatic scents such as fruit, citrus, sweet and woody notes, which are mixed in a way that allows us to show aside of our personality.

Perfumes are also classified according to their ingredients, which may consist of flowers, spices, musk and amber

__ To find out the right fragrance for you and that matches your own taste, it is important before buying to try the perfume, and leave it for a few minutes until it interacts with the skin.

          ____The fragrance consists of three main layers:

First, middle and upper layers, and the first layer is characterized by being gentle, light and refreshing, and it flies easily like citrus or fruit scents, and it should be attractive in order to draw attention, while the middle layer determines the nature of the fragrance, as it shows the distinctive character of its scent, It usually consists of floral scents, spices and woods.

The top layer is the one that is more durable and sticks to the skin thanks to ingredients based on sweet aroma in addition to some touches of amber, leather and musk.

          The seasons of the year play a big role in choosing aromatic scents, depending on the feeling of cold or warmth.