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Delivery Information

(1) The customer shall incur the freight of products and shipment shall be done through companies approved by the store and the store sometimes provide a free shipment in relation to some products (Notice will be expressly given on the page of the product).

(2) Shipment shall be done in accordance with the policies approved by the shipping companies that shall determine the freight and the time period in all cases.

(3) The customer undertakes to keep the online payment receipts that might be asked while delivering products to him. Also, he undertakes to sign the product delivery receipt.

(4) The customer shall be bound to pay the price of the products he ordered (in case he didn’t pay with the electronic means) in addition to the freight (if any) once he receives the products upon delivery.

(5) The customer undertakes to examine the products before signing their receipt from the shipping representative and he declares that his signature of the receipt is deemed to be a conclusive evidence that the products are free from any apparent defects such as damage being broken or defects.

(6) The store shall not be liable to the customer for the delay of the product delivery date in case of the occurrence of any emergency beyond control including but not limited to force majeure such as floods, storms, acts of warfare, public events etc.

(7) In case of the delay by the store of delivering the sold products due to force majeure in a way that clarifies that the delivery of the sold products at the determined delivery date isn’t possible, the store shall inform immediately the customer of these circumstances and provide the customer with a new delivery date.

(8) During the delay period, the liability of the customer shall cease in relation to payment until the circumstances of force majeure are treated and thereafter the payment obligations shall be performed by the customer.

(9) The customer undertakes to treat the shipment representative well and to incur all the legal liability for any personal fault done by him against the shipment representative. Also, the store relieves itself of the liability for any personal faults committed by shipment representative against the customer.

(10) In case of the refusal by the customer of receiving the products from the shipping representative in spite of their correspondence to the publicized specifications, here the customer shall be deemed to have received the products constructively and he shall be bound to pay freight amicably or judicially.

(11) The customer shall comply with the shipment policy of the store which might change from time to another.