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Model: FR W-414615-RF
 name212 Perfume TypeWOMENSize100ComponentsThe top notes of bergamot, mandarin and grapefruit blossom burst, and sparkle upon introduction to the nose of the wearer and her companions. The heart notes of iris, gardenia, lily of the valley and camellia..
S.R 332
Model: FR-422040 -RF
Name 212 Sexy Perfume Type WOMEN Size 100 Components Top notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper These fresh and distinctive ingredients attract men and women alike, giving the fragrance and its wearer..
S.R 378
Model: FR-422040 -RF
Name 212 Sexy Perfume Type WOMEN Size 100 Components Top notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper These fresh and distinctive ingredients attract men and women alike, giving the fragrance and its wearer..
S.R 299
Model: FRW-416493-RF
Name5th Avenue PerfumeTypeWOMENSize125Componentsgiving a floral bouquet of blossoming flowers. Finishing it off are the top notes of dewy magnolia, bergamot, linden blossom, lilac and mandarin, rounding off the sweet, powdery mood of this fragrance.This perfume was originally..
S.R 137
Model: FR-542165-RF
Name Ajmal Sacrifice Perfume Type WOMEN Size 50 Components The heart of the fragrance is comfortable vanilla and fresh orange blossom, which blooms in the basic components of grape and musk. Long lasting w..
S.R 141
Model: FR-547321-RF
Name Ajmal Sierra Perfume Type WOMEN Size 90 Components The most beautiful fragrance of Sierra with a beautiful and distinctive smell..
S.R 166
Model: FRW-540572-RF
Name Alien Perfume  Type  WOMEN Size 100 Components base notes consist of warm white amber, with woodsy middle notes and a top note of Indian jasmine. It has quite heavy sillage and is a very lon..
S.R 596
Model: FRW-540568-RF
  Name Alyssa Ashley Musk Perfume Type WOMEN Size 200 Components . Its composition includes soft powdery flowers, musk and greens. ..
S.R 150
Model: FR W-542993-RF
 NameAmazing Grace Perfume  WOMENTypeWOMENSize60ComponentsIt is a feminine and floral fragrance without being overcome. The light scent of bergamot and light grapefruit blend with mandarin orange for an amazing flavor..
S.R 268
Model: FR W-412560-RF
 NameAmor Amor Perfume TypeMENSize100Components  The primary notes in the composition include blood orange, mandarin and pink grapefruit. Additional scents include the Malati flower, white musk, lily of the valley, ambergris, vanilla and sandalwood...
S.R 163
Model: FRW-516194-RF
 NameAnais Anais L'original Perfume TypeWOMENSize100ComponentsHeart notes feature rose, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley. Base notes are amber, incense, cedar, and sandalwood..
S.R 187
Model: FRW-480-RF643
 NameAnge  Le Secret PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100Componentsthe perfume is a limited-edition fragrance that is soft, slightly spicy and completely mesmerizing. It's tart cranberry top note brings with it white flowers and Italian winter lemon. The heart of this romantic scent is comprised of spi..
S.R 366
Model: FRW-4416893- RF
 NameAngel Perfume TypeWOMENSize100ComponentsThis perfume made perfectly from ripe red berries and dewberry, chocolate, honey, and Australian sandalwood mingled with oriental spices results in a fragrance that is truly as unforgettable as the woman who wears it. ..
S.R 362
Model: FR W-546478-RF
 NameAngel Perfume TypeWOMENSize100ComponentsAriana Grande Cloud Perfume by Ariana Grande,  It's appropriate for work or fun with its sweet, playful overtones. It opens with top notes of bergamot, pear, and lavender for an introduction to the fruity and floral tones. The middle notes ..
S.R 249
Model: FR W-539463-RF
 NameAriana Grande  PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100ComponentsAriana Grande Moonlight is a sensuous, seductive women's fragrance that blends luscious fruit tones with sweets and spice. Lush, romantic plum is the signature presence throughout. The opening of Moonlight is an exquisite blast of juicie..
S.R 181
Model: FRW-430706-RF
 NameArmani Code PerfumeTypeWOMENSize75Components Armani Code is a women’s floral fragrance with citrus and white floral main accords. It has moderate to long-lasting longevity and moderate sillage. This is an evening scent that works best in the fall and winter..
S.R 383
Model: RFW -417121-RF
 NameAromatics Elixir Perfume TypeWOMENSize100Components The elixir creates a woody, arid and powerful experience that’s made for everyday wear. It conjures both elegance and class to create an unforgettable aroma. The top notes profuse a floral boutique of rose, chamomile, and verben..
S.R 233
Model: FR W-445970-RF
 NameArpege PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100Components Arpege perfume takes its name from the musical term, "arpeggio." Lanvin released this fragrance in 1927. Its composition opens with orris, honeysuckle, peach, aldehyde, bergamot and orange bloom. The core brings out sensitive plants, such as g..
S.R 164
Model: FR W-482466-RF
 NameBaiser Vole Perfume TypeWOMENSize100ComponentsBaiser Vole Perfume by Cartier, Created by Mathilde Laurent for Cartier, Baiser Vole is a fragrance for women that features white floral as the most prominent note. In fact, the lily is used as a base note, middle note and top note in this..
S.R 282
Model: FR-531084-RF
  Name Banana Republic Perfume Type WOMEN Size 100 Components Top notes of sweet clementine, crisp green apple and lightning juice work together to form the flavor of the flavored fruit,..
S.R 105
Model: FR-417440 -RF
Name Bijan Perfume Type women Size 75 Components Top notes of exotic fragrances from all over the world consist of narcissus orange blossom pimento (spices) bergamot and orange blossom heart notes primaril..
S.R 104
Model: FR W-53051 -RF
 NameBlack Opium Perfume TypeWOMENSize90Componentswith vanilla, coffee, and sweet main accords. Launched in 2014, this scent was a collaboration between perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Olivier Cresp, and Honorine Blanc. It is housed in a dark bottle with sequin decorations to p..
S.R 463
Model: FRW-540567- RF
  NameBlack Xs Perfume TypeWOMENSize80Components Black XS for women is a bold, spicy perfume that exudes sophistication and flair. This sweet fragrance was released in 2007, and it opens with notes of cranberry, tamarind, and pink pepper. The middle notes are lightly floral with ..
S.R 275
Model: FRW-464178-RF
 NameBlue Glow Perfume  TypeWOMENSize100Components Blue Glow, by Jennifer Lopez. Top notes of tangy mangosteen, uplifting Valencia orange, and delicate cranberry blossom melt into the exotic blend of water lily, rose tincture and fresh aquatics that lie at the ..
S.R 125
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