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Model: FR W-434507-RF
 NameClean Fresh Laundry PerfumeTypeWOMENSize63ComponentsIf one of your favorite scents is the comforting aroma of linens straight out of the dryer, then Clean Fresh Laundry is the perfect perfume for you. Launched by Clean in 2005, this inviting fragrance for women captures the beauty and cozi..
S.R 171
Model: FR W-434509-RF
  NameClean Warm Cotton PerfumeTypeWOMENSize63Components Clean Warm Cotton Perfume by Clean, Relax in the embrace of the coziest new fragrance by Clean . Clean Warm Cotton is the scent of a soft blanket or a fluffy towel coming out of the dryer to snuggle up in. Rich, warm base notes ..
S.R 205
Model: FR W-534570-RF
NameClive Christian L PerfumeTypeWOMENSize50Components Clive Christian L Perfume by Clive Christian, Clive Christian L for women is a fragrance from 2014 with hints of spice, woodiness and fresh herbs . Artemisia works with a blend of white, pink and black pepper in the opening of this perfume...
S.R 1,218
Model: FR W-540935-RF
NameCoach Floral Perfume TypeWOMENSize90Componentshe heart notes are what give this perfume its name and are gardenia, rose tea and jasmine sambac. The fragrance then settles into the base notes of patchouli, musk and creamy wood. The bottle for this scent is elegant and simple in its design. T..
S.R 233
Model: FR W- 534592-RF
NameCoach PerfumeTypeWOMENSize90ComponentsIts fruity floral scent is uplifting and refreshing with just a hint of the sort of elegant leather accessories that have made the designer famous. The fragrance opens with top notes of pink pepper, pear, and raspberry leaf, and then reveals a luxurious h..
S.R 198
Model: FRW-403279-RF
  Name Curve Perfume Type WOMEN Size 100 Componentsorange is the first ingredient to step forward, with a bright burst of sunshine. Its juicy citrus fragrance invigorates and energizes. Sweet, gentle water li..
S.R 91
Model: FR-542227 -RF
  Name Delina Exclusif Perfume Type W0MEN Size 75 Components The top notes of pear and bergamot notice litchi also add a fruity aroma..
S.R 1,076
Model: RF W-455611-RF
 NameDemeter Sambuca Perfume TypeWOMENSize120ComponentsA unique and seductive scent, Demeter Sambuca is perfect for an evening out on the town. The anise-flavored liqueur inspired this savory fragrance and wearing it will add a hint of mystery to your style. Elderflower, licorice, sugar, h..
S.R 91
Model: FRW-517071-RF
 NameDemeter Silvery Tip Pekoe Perfume TypeWOMENSize120Components fragrances fresh and clean, but completely captivating, you’ll love Demeter Silvery Tip Pekoe. Artfully designed to echo the style and sophistication of the luxurious Chinese white tea blend of the same name, this scent..
S.R 91
Model: FRW-458258-RF
 NameDemeter Spring Break Perfume  TypeWOMENSize120ComponentsReleased in 2003, Demeter Spring Break is a fun, summery fragrance that will remind you of good friends and sunny days spent by the sea. With hints of coconut and suntan lotion, this scent will have you ready to plan your ne..
S.R 95
Model: FR W-448945-RF
 NameDemeter Stable Perfume TypeWOMENSize120ComponentsDemeter perfume smells beautiful and refreshing musk..
S.R 91
Model: FR W-428947-RF
 NameDemeter Steam Room PerfumeTypeWOMENSize120Components The Demeter Steam Room fragrance by Demeter, there is nothing like a soothing and repaired steam bath when it comes to calming threatened nerves and simply letting the stresses of everyday life fade. The humid and standing air aroun..
S.R 86
Model: FR W-430659-RF
 NameDemeter Sugar Cane PerfumeTypeWOMENSize120ComponentsThe Demeter Sugarcane fragrance by Demeter, anyone who inhale the sweet and honest smell of the newly harvested sugarcane will never forget this experience. It smells equal in parts of good sugary endings and green fragility - the smell o..
S.R 85
Model: FR W-448948-RF
 NameDemeter Sushi PerfumeTypeWOMENSize120ComponentsDemeter Sushi is a fragrance of Demeter, featuring fresh ginger, smooth lemon, soothing rice and aquatic seaweed. Strong ginger and lemon tones are balanced with neutral rice and seaweed to create an aura that simultaneously makes a statement ..
S.R 91
Model: FR W-428949-RF
 NameDemeter Tangerine Perfume TypeWOMENSize120ComponentsDimit tangerine by Demeter, bright, refreshing and fruity, Dimit tangerine is for women who love citrus and summer! Whether you are heading to the beach, on a picnic or in the office, you can pour in a little of this long lasting fra..
S.R 91
Model: FR W-545160 -RF
 NameDemeter Thailand PerfumeTypeWOMENSize120ComponentsIt is incredibly fragrant, where you can put it on and feel refreshed. Choose this captivating fragrance for a romantic evening or date...
S.R 95
Model: FRW-483661-RF
 NameDemeter Vetiver PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100ComponentsDemeter Vetiver by Demeter, this unisex fragrance is a warm woody fragrance for men and women. An aromatic earthy scent with some soothing spices in the mix to allow a new experience on this scent. This fragrance, exotic in nature, is alread..
S.R 91
Model: FR W-449008-RF
 NameDemeter Waffle Cone PerfumeTypeWOMENSize30ComponentsThe Demeter Waffle Con fragrance by Demeter, the Demeter Waffle Con fragrance for women does just that with its pure and simple recipe for nostalgia. The most advanced fragrance in this fragrance is sugar micrillie instantly fresh wheat. ..
S.R 62
Model: FR W-403641-RF
 NameDesign PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100ComponentsTop notes include jasmine that opens at night, thick peach, orange blossom and tuber. Its middle notes are yellow ylang-ylang, lilac, gardenia, delicate red rose, carnation and a blend of honeysuckle bouquet memorable flowers. Finally, the base notes..
S.R 94
Model: FR W-405021-RF
 NameDior Addict PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100ComponentsDior Addict by Christian Dior is a middle eastern fragrance of white flowers that includes orange blossoms, cerebellum that blooms at night, and jasmine, colored with a hint of roses. Essential Ingredients: Combine tonka bean and myrrh with milk..
S.R 487
Model: FR-424340 -RF
Name Dior Star Perfume Type WOMEN Size 100 Components The basic fragrance of musk and almonds is a dirt beginning while the central notes of honeysuckle and peonies are remembered wearing a thriving spring..
S.R 258
Model: FR-498693 -RF
Name Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme Perfume TypeWOMEN Size 100 Components It opens with notes of orange blossom, sweet tangerine and fresh berries. The middle notes of classic orange blossoms and lavender precede this st..
S.R 292
Model: FRW-412452RF
 NameDune PerfumeTypeWOMENSize100ComponentsIt is a floral fragrance characterized by the neon scent and fig wood and rose bark. Its main ingredients are tonka beans, sandalwood, vanilla and cedar..
S.R 539
Model: FR-419545 -RF
Name Eau D'hadrien Perfume Type women Size 100 Components The composition includes grapefruit, cypress, Sicilian lemon, mandarin orange, lemon, citron, ylang-ylang and aldehydes..
S.R 443
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