eMatj.com Rewards is eMatj.com's loyalty program and is available to all users or customers who have purchased from eMatj.com or who have subscribed to the loyalty program

Are there fees to subscribe to eMatj.com Rewards?

There are no eMatj.com membership registration fees

What can I get as a member of eMatj.com Rewards?

As a member, you will receive certain privileges and privileges. You can earn points to buy products on the eMatj.com application or website and replace them with a variety of eMatj.com discounts

How many points can I get for shopping from eMatj.com?

You get 1 point of a penny for each eMatj.com 1 AED / SR

The number of eMatj.com points that can be found is listed on the Product Details page, confirmation page, and e-mail. Once the product is received, points will be added to your loyalty balance under the Loyalty Program section

Points can be earned by writing comments and notes on products purchased. You can earn more points by sharing photos,  and sharing comments on Facebook.

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Share products on social platforms

Earn extra points by sharing your products on 6 different social networking platforms. Please note that the number of points you receive varies depending on the platform.










Participation in activities

You can also log in to your IMATAG account on time and participate in official events to earn points. The number of points varies depending on the effectiveness or activity.

 What is the validity of eMatj.com points?

EMatj.com Points are valid for 12 months from the date of availability available to you. Any point not replaced within 12 months will expire at the end of the period

 Where can I use my eMatj.com Points?

eMatj.com Points may be used to activate the discount coupons offered to you under the "eMatj.com Rewards" program and apply to any product (s) of the full price only through

the Site.

Can I cancel my coupon offer using my eMatj.com Points?

No, eMatj.com points used to activate discount coupons can not be redeemed, for example, once the offer is activated it can not be deactivated. Please read the presentation page carefully and review the terms and conditions for special rewards / coupons before using the points.

Are there any customer privileges based on eMatj.com's loyalty program levels?

Yeah . Based on the points that have been replaced, the member can reach level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4. The required points are identified in the eMatj.com Rewards section. But are subject to change from time to time.

How long is the status of the level?

You need to replace the eMatj.com points within 12 consecutive months to retain your status. To maintain Level 2 status, you must replace at least 1000 points within 12 months. To maintain a Level 3 status, you must replace at least 4000 points within 12 months. To maintain the status of Level 4, you must replace at least 16,000 points within 12 months.

 What other benefits did I get as a member of eMatj.com Rewards?

You will receive a variety of privileges as a member and increase by your level status and added to the eMatj.com Rewards section. These privileges are subject to change from time to time. Please review the Terms and Conditions regularly to stay informed of all updates.

Can I transfer eMatj.com points to another account?

EMatj.com Points are not transferable to any other eMatj.com Rewards account

If you activate the offer, it is expired before I can complete the order. Can I reactivate the offer?

After the offer expires, it is blocked for some time and is not available immediately. However, you can use additional points from eMatj.com points to reactivate the view. After the time limit for blocking the display is complete, it becomes available for reuse.

You activate the display and complete an order. Can I use the same offer again?

After the offer expires, it is blocked for some time and is not available immediately. However, you can use additional points from eMatj.com to reactivate the view. After the time is complete to block the display, it will be available again for use.

 I have shopped from eMatj.com, but no eMatj.com points have been added to my account. ?

EMatj.com Points are earned upon completion of the order and earned points are credited to your eMatj.com Rewards account once the order is completed

Have you returned the order (s), but have not eMatj.com points deducted from my account?

After your order/products are received, it usually takes 2-3 days for the product/order to reach us. EMatj.com points are deducted from your account after the products reach us.

I canceled my order, but did not deduct eMatj.com points from my account?

EMatj.com earned points will be deducted from your account once the order has been completed, once the products have been returned.

Can I use eMatj.com Points to pay for the following order?

EMatj.com can not be used as a payment method (such as a credit balance, credit card, etc.) - a hypothetical currency that can only be used in exchangeable offers under the eMatj.com Rewards section.

Where can I see the detailed terms and conditions of eMatj.com?

 You can access the terms and conditions using this