How to sell

If you want to sell on our electronic store the sales process on is simple, just follow these steps:

1. You must register as a seller to be able to sell on any product.

2. Registration in the system of commission in "my account in the commission system"

3. Enter your personal data from the company name in case you own a company / or your personal name, in addition to the link to your site.

4. Select your payment information (tax ID / tax number, payment method with required data)

5. Enter your payee (your full personal name or your company name)

6. Confirm the button to read the conditions, and the button of confirmation

7. The products you sell must be new, as we do not display used goods on any product.

8. Activation Email: We ask you to verify your email address in order to start the process of listing your products and goods, and as we will send all your account information to the email.

9. Identity and Commercial License: We will apply for a commercial license and we will verify your identity for legal purposes, in respect of goods under certain categories, to ensure that you are authorized to sell those goods in your country.

10. Bank account: You must have a valid bank account, which will enable you to get money for the products you have sold on any product. The sales revenue will go to your A / M account, and you can then request that you simply withdraw the money and transfer it to your bank account.

This is all, and will be contacted after processing your request, as you can simply refer to us if you have any question or comment, by contacting our support team.